Buea Council and Stakeholders in a Town Hall Meeting.

Thursday 28th July 2022 marked a special date for the Buea Council as Mayor David Mafani Namange Esq, and his management team in line with the national development strategy 2020 – 2030 towards emergence, and guided by two United Nations Sustainable development goals number 5 and 17, the Buea Council carried out a Town Hall meeting to map a way forward for sustainable development. The Landlord of the Buea municipality in his words said: the Council relies on the dynamism and involvement of the civil society, the economic and support of her partners and that of the denizens of the Buea municipality, to map a way forward to build the not only the Council CDP, but equally the population needs to appropriate all projects that are carried out within the municipality as to make them sustainable.

This Town Hall meeting saw the participation of all sectors of works and the participants were glad to part of a participatory approach of governance and decisions making in the city of Buea.

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