Fight Against Urban Disorder


The lord Mayor of the BUEA Municipality DAVID MAFANI NAMANGE ESQ today embarked on a corrective Demolition Exercise. The demolition exercise which took place in the Neighbourhoods of FEDERAL QUARTERS AND BORSTAL INSTITUTE WEST END IN BUEA was aimed at demolishing unauthorized structures built on water ways and check poor drainage outlets to pre-empt the spread of diseases like cholera and prevent future disasters like floods.

The demolition exercise will continue in the days ahead with a clarion call from the Lord MAYOR to denizens of the BUEA Municipality to respect building norms to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

All Administrative; the mayor of Buea Municipality: DAVID MAFANI NAMANGE ESQ, Religious, Traditional and Political heads of the Region were present at the Independent Square (Bongo Square), amongst some of the highlights of the occasion was the award of medals to some meritorious patriots as a symbol of recognition for services rendered to the Nation.

Followed by a colorful march past led the military in all various corps of the armed forces, in a display of their elegant personnel and the formidable machineries. The civilian march past which had an innovation this year with a special square from the youths from the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education demonstrating the multi-culturalism of Cameroon yet beautifying her unity. Primary school, Secondary schools, professional schools, Universities and other higher institutions deed made the day more colorful. Political parties and others association were not left out, as well as the National Disarmament Demobilization Reintegration Committee South West Regional Center, for it was a day to showcase their readiness in the safe guard of peace and National Unity.

The day ended on a mood of celebration.

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