Buea Council holds it’s 2023 administrative, management and stores management accounts.

The first ordinary session of the Buea Council for the 2023 financial year meant to examine and adopt the Administrative, Management and Stores Management Account for the 2022 Financial year, held at the Chambers of the Buea Council on March 30th 2023, auspices of the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Mr CHAIBOU, political, Religious, Traditional authorities and stakeholders of the Buea Municipality.

In opening remark, Mayor David Mafani Namange Esq. thanked the administration, the dedicated Council staff and councilors as well as the entire population of the Buea Municipality for their maximum collaboration. According to him, despite the presence of the Covid 19 pandemic and the ongoing crisis plaguing 2 Anglophone Regions, the Council was able to make some positive strides during the year under review 2022, in the domains of water supply, road infrastructures, street lighting, supply of equipment to the vulnerable and primary schools withing the Buea Municipality, just to name these few.

The Administrative, Management accounts stood at two billion two hundred and seventy-three million seven hundred and seventy-four thousand, five hundred and twenty (2,273,774,520). Considering this positive strides, more amenities will be earmarked for and provided in the municipality for the year 2023, while councilors and the staff of the Buea Council were urged to redouble efforts in their various place of work so as to contribute effectively to the development of the municipality.

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